As a club our aim is to continue to run events, but to do so in a way that keeps our members and the public safe.

We try to follow the guidance issued by:-

The BMC provides useful guidance for clubs on how to apply the regulations.

BMC COVID-19 guidelines for groups of outdoor climbers & hill walkers

In practice, for the club this has meant that we have modified how our events are run:-

  • Our club nights and other social events are now virtual club nights, held on Zoom.
  • Our climbing nights are also virtual climbing nights, held on Zoom.
  • Our day walks now must be booked in advance, so that the walk organiser can split participants into groups of six or fewer.
  • Our weekends and week trips use suitable accommodation. When regulations forbid household mixing, the club will use hotel accommodation. When regulations allow household mixing, we will restrict participant numbers in group accommodation to allow for social distancing.
  • All club members are expected to respect the safety of others when participating in events by following official guidance on handwashing, facemasks and social distancing.
  • If any club member cannot attend an event due to having coronavirus symptoms or having been advised that they should self-isolate, the club will refund their deposit.

Although the changing regulations have meant that the club has to make constant changes to our plans, we've still managed to have some great trips away.

In a year of anxiety, being able to get away with friends, to the hills, has helped us.

We hope that the club will be able to restore a more normal programme during 2021.