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Ibex welcomes hill walkers and mountaineers of all ages, social backgrounds and experience. Our weekends away offer access to challenging high level walks, scrambling and climbing.

Our members

Ibex is a great way to meet active people in London who share your enthusiasm for hiking and mountaineering.

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Climbing and scrambling were high on my agenda when I joined the club 10 years ago and there are usually many others wanting that adrenaline rush so I'm never short of hill friends.

Picture of Beth

I joined Ibex in 2018, looking for a hillwalking club that did weekends away on proper hills - not just walks around London, as nice as those are. I grew up near Dartmoor and really still need a dose of wilderness every now and then.

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Reaching higher

Less experienced walkers can gain confidence with help from our experienced members.

The club helps members develop their mountain skills with a focus on navigation and group leadership. Every year we run some weekends offering training in winter skills, scrambling, climbing or navigation.

If you want to progress on to more challenging expeditions, then we have many members who can help you onwards and upwards.

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Get to know us

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Club nights - come to our next monthly club night to meet members and find out what's planned.

Day walks - join us on our next day walk in the South East, not too far from London.

Climbing nights - join us on our next climbing night at a London climbing wall.

Try a weekend

If you 're thinking of joining Ibex, you can check that it's the right club for you by coming on an Ibex weekend trip without paying for club membership.

Check the full weekend programme to see what's planned.

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Ibex membership is currently £18 and expires on 31 December each year.

New members who join in December, get membership for the whole of the following year.

You may join online and pay your membership fee online using PayPal or post an application form and cheque.

  • Weekends away in the UK, usually every 2-3 weeks
  • Week-long trips to Scotland and overseas
  • Day walks in the London area
  • Indoor climbing nights at London walls
  • Monthly newsletter with the latest club news and events open for booking
  • 'Club member' status of the British Mountaineering Council (BMC), worth £20.25 per year
  • 10% - 15% discounts in most outdoor shops with your BMC membership card (which could pay for Ibex membership in itself)
  • Meet new people who share your enthusiasm for walking, mountaineering and climbing.

If you have any other questions please contact us. We hope to see you at an event in the future.