Ibex members make our club really special - this is why they are members

Viv and Jim

Picture of Viv and Jim

We both joined Ibex at its beginning in the mid 80s.

We wanted to enjoy walking and climbing in all seasons, in all places with enthusiastic hill walkers and mountaineers. The added attraction was the friendly and inclusive atmosphere which has always been evident on weekends.

After all these years we still enjoy socialising with other members, not only on the hills and mountains, but also in the evenings over a tasty communal meal.

We've made some lasting friendships along the way and agree that you're never likely to feel left out on an Ibex weekend.


Climbing and scrambling were high on my agenda when I joined the club 10 years ago and there are usually many others wanting that adrenaline rush so I'm never short of hill friends.

Ibex is one of the best ways to get to the hills without extravagant costs as the communal aspect ensures travel, accommodation and food can be done efficiently.

My favourite trip was a week long stint in south west Ireland - nothing to do with the fact that I was the organiser but everything to do with the wall-to-wall sunshine on some fantastic hills in a part of the world usually shrouded in rain. Great hills, beaches and just the odd Guinness.

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picture of Siobhan

I joined Ibex in 2013 after stumbling across a love of hiking in my early thirties.

Without the generosity of experienced members in sharing their skills, I'd never have moved on from being someone who gets slightly wobbly on a steep path to scrambling up and down Tryfan, and loving it!

I also discovered climbing through Ibex and now co-organise a monthly social climb for the club. More recently, I've started to venture outside, including on a club trip to Dartmoor this summer.

I feel fortunate to have discovered so many beautiful wild places that are the perfect antidote to the weekday city commute.


I'm an engineer from North London and joined Ibex in 2018 after going on one of the new members taster weekends; it's definitely worth trying one of these to see if the club is right for you.

Since joining, I've started to climb with a group of Ibexers who meet each month at various climbing walls in London, and have been on a couple of climbing trips too.

I like being able to talk to experienced hikers and climbers, who have already done some of the outdoor adventures I'm keen to do myself or who know the bothies and Munros that I'm planning on visiting.

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I am a full time student living in South East London. Most often to be found on my bike to get around London but love getting out to walk when I can.

I joined Ibex in 2018, looking for a hillwalking club that did weekends away on proper hills - not just walks around London, as nice as those are. I grew up near Dartmoor and really still need a dose of wilderness every now and then.

I've done 3 trips in the past year and they were all really friendly and fun weekends; the Brecon's in Autumn and a summer Snowdonia trip where we also did a day's scrambling were both especially good.

Jude and Alex

I joined the club in 2013 and do lots of trips each year so I now know the UK really well, and it's beautiful!

My other half, Alex, joined the club shortly after me, and he likes to do 1-2 weekends a year so it's nice to be able to walk together, some of the time.

The club has a diverse variety of people and there will usually be a core group, who attend a lot of weekends; and some new faces, so there is always a nice balance of catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. There is also a range of walk options on each weekend to cater for all needs - whether you want something challenging or like me, less strenuous.

Picture of Jude and Alex


Picture of Heather

I live in Oxford and work as a researcher. I came to Ibex in 2016, needing to expand my horizons after my husband died.

I go on 5-6 Ibex trips a year and I have explored many beautiful parts of the country from Exmoor to the Cairngorms.

Ibex has enriched my life in so many ways. This year, I went to the Swiss Alps with Ibex, where we hiked for 9 days. When I joined in 2016 I would never have imagined being fit enough to do that!

Ibex is a great way to learn new skills. I have not only learned to use a compass and navigate, but also how to make chocolate bread and butter pudding for thirty.


I wanted to take hiking to new levels and do more Scotland trips, so joined the club in 2011.

I achieved my first Munro in 2013, which also happened to be another member's final Munro (282 to be precise) and that was one of my biggest highlights.

I also appreciate the local day walks (free for non-members), as they give me the chance to escape London quickly and be amongst greenery for several splendid hours after a hard week at work.

What I really value about Ibex is that there is a real 'co-operative' feel about the club, with everyone mucking in with organisation of hikes, food, and driving for each weekend.

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I've been a member of Ibex since it started in the 80s. The combination of good, tough walking and sociable evening meals - with great food that we cook ourselves - has proved pretty unbeatable!

I don't run a car and it's meant I could go walking in all sorts of wonderful and remote places in the UK I could never have got to by train. I've also been on all the trips to the Alps that Ibex has organised over the last few years.

I've just completed the Munros (mountains in Scotland over 3,000 ft) and I don't think I could have done that without the friends I've made in Ibex who came up many of them with me.


My wife and I joined the club in preparation for the Inca trail many years ago, hoping to take advantage of a ready made itinerary and great value for money. Fitness achieved and Inca trail conquered, we are still members today because Ibex offers the chance to see more of the British hills with a friendly and diverse group.

I like the variety we can weave into weekends. There is nearly always a longer/harder walk and something easier; some go off climbing; and I've persuaded people to come kayaking or canoeing on a few trips.

More recently, having taken my fitness to new levels, I've been able to use the weekends to train for an Ironman Triathlon.

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